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About All-Star Sports Media

All-Star Sports Media was born of a desire to help high school athletes increase their visibility to college coaches and recruiters across the country. Our primary goal is to provide a vehicle for those athletes looking to capture the attention of a large number of college coaches and recruiters. No matter what the sport, colleges and universities, whether D-I, DII, or DIII are looking for talented athletes to join their programs.

We are convinced that the key to getting recruited is putting your Highlight Video in the hands of as many coaches and recruiters as possible. We know there are always a few dozen athletes that are highly sought after by the top schools in the nation, but not being considered a “top prospect” doesn’t mean you can’t get recruited. Being a former athlete who was involved in the recruiting process and now as a coach, I feel compelled to help high school athletes maximize their exposure and enhance their chances to earn a scholarship to play college sports.

In addition to producing effective College Recruitment Highlight Videos, we also provide professional video production services.  From Sports and Event coverage, to Marketing and Training videos, we’re your professional video source.